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January 2011

1/27/2011: Mystery Package!

Mia and I shipped a mystery package. :)

1/26/2011: A Curious Mooch

Mia and I end up eating out on the way to get groceries because we have no food in the house. Back home, we tease Moochie with a YouTube video. :)

1/24/2011: Tenant Takes Over Refrigerator!

We recently got a tenant (who seems like a very nice girl) but she just puts her stuff everywhere (in the kitchen) and doesn't ask what space is for her or where her things can go. Every day a little more stuff appears...

1/22/2011: Another Northridge Incident

Mia and I went to investigate the latest incident in our neighborhood.

1/21/2011: All Mia Can Eat Buffet

Mia and I took another ride to Burbank for IKEA, but first Mia needed to get a bite to eat.

1/19/2011: A Traumatic Lunch

I think our lunch at Beeps could have inspired an episode of Seinfeld if the show were still running. Count how many tables we sat at before eating! Today, Jerry got the stitches out of his chin. We surprised Jerry at the doctor's office on the way home from Beeps. Back home, I got a kitty-surprise while cooking dinner.

1/18/2011: Day of Accomplishment?

Today was supposed to be the “Day of Accomplishment” as I like to say sometimes. However, it seems the more things I have to do, the less I get done. :-(

1/15/2011: Scarface Jerry

Poor Jerry had to get stitches after getting hit with a tree branch while trimming a tree. While Jerry and Mia were in the ER, our new tenant arrived.

1/13/2011: MOOGER

Who doesn't love Moogers? The new evil henchmen on Power Rangers, of course… Perhaps the people at Power Rangers should have looked up the other meanings of that word… ;)

1/11/2011: Mia Loves Hooters!

After Mia dragged me to Hooters, we did some shopping at IKEA. Mia was going to pay for our purchase with gift cards from Verizon, which of course wouldn't work at the register.

1/1/2011: Cats Hate Jerry's Gift

Jerry bought the Moochie family a gift, which they all hated because it doesn't make a mess. Jerry tried to show the cats how much fun it was, but that only made things worse.