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I'm Bruno. I'm the one with a camera for a right hand. Mia is my adorable girlfriend, and we're not sure who Jerry is. He came with the house.

I'm just kidding. We all met while attending Pratt in Brooklyn, NY. We were all majoring in film/animation. Mia, Jerry, and I (as well as our bizarre friends, Cory and Julie) were the misfits of our department. For the most part, we all hated each other. How we became so inseparable (even years after college) is anyone's guess.

Following our graduation, Mia and I moved to California where we started a small freelance business doing creative work for events and small studios. Jerry eventually moved to California to work with us as our business grew.

We've never loved LA and always intended to move back to NY (and even started saving up money to do so). However, it didn't make sense to move cross-country while our business was growing. Then, we were slammed by the recession. We still had plenty of people trying to hire us, but now they wanted our services for free. Literally. We started losing money on jobs, and then there were fewer low-paying jobs altogether.

Our NY moving fund quickly went to rent, which then became debt. And now we're stuck here while we figure out how to get back on our feet. Jerry was able to get a good office job with his valuable computer skills.

I've decided to document our progress, for better or worse. So far, we've gotten our rent reduced, rented out our master bedroom to a tenant, sold Mia's car, canceled her car insurance (and reduced mine), and discontinued my health insurance. Our business has also started to pick up a little bit. Now, if we can just get a few really good jobs like in the good ol' days... and not get sick or injured!

It won't be easy, but we're determined to finally be living back on the East Coast before January 1, 2012. Come join us on our little adventure!

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If any of our links are broken or otherwise incorrect, please tell us! Mia will fix the problem as soon as possible.

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