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January 19, 2011

Vlog #50: “A Traumatic Lunch”

Mia and I went to have a quick lunch at Beeps (which is usually very pleasant) but today was a little different. The ordering window was empty when we walked in. Mia and I were going to split a foot long sub and chili cheese fries. I got us a table. When Mia turned her head to confirm what I wanted on the sub, seven people walked in and got right in front of her, resulting in a 15 minute wait (just to place our order). While Mia was waiting in line, another couple walked in and proceeded to crowd Mia while making out (and the girl was wearing perfume that could kill a horse). Once we got our food, we had to figure out where to sit… This was not our best experience at Beeps. (*But it wasn't Beeps' fault, we just went at a bad time.)