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February 2011

2/27/2011: Bad Tenant Gets Worse!

Evidently, our tenant can't tell the difference between air and bread.

2/21/2011: Universal City Walk

Having just completed a job, Mia wanted one day where we're not just sitting at our computers (and listening to our disgusting neighbors), so we went to Universal City Walk for the day.

2/20/2011: I Should've Gone to Bed

I decided at 11:30pm that I was going to post a video, but not using anything I shot earlier today (or the days before). We've mostly been working in our office finishing up a job which we delivered to the client earlier today.

2/14/2011: Crappy Valentine's Day!

Worst Valentine's Day ever.


Mia and I attended the premiere of Saban's new Power Rangers Samurai at the Grove in Beverly Hills.

2/5/2011: Mia Hates Fuzzdoodles!

Tonight we finally confronted our tenant about a very powerful odor emitting from her bedroom that we can't have clients smelling when they come over...


Mia and I met with a client today. Watch the video to see what a typical LA commute looks like!

2/2/2011: Sweet Mooching Cat

Mia found more tenant things in the kitchen, and I caught Moochie in the act of being sweet to Mittens (rather than biting him). Usually when Moochie is being sweet, she stops the minute she sees the camera.

2/1/2011: Banks Hate Poor People!

Banks send all sorts of things in the mail that look like junk mail. Luckily I read this latest thing I got before shredding it... Make sure your bank isn't charging you too. Maybe I can save you some money?