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December 2010

12/31/2010: Snooki Ruined New Years!

Happy New Year! The delicate flower pictured to your left is our friend Julie (who we adoringly refer to as “Blockhead”). Mia, Jerry, and I were in all the same classes with Julie in college. Julie called us from the Brooklyn Bridge to wish us a Happy New Year in her own unique way.

12/28/2010: Prizes for Jerry!

Mia and I drove Jerry to work since he got back so late from Liverpool. Otherwise he'd have to deal with the buses (which is never fun). After work, we gave Jerry his gifts/prizes. :)

12/27/2010: Leaving Liverpool

Jerry figures out his flights to LA during the storm, and I get dinner packaging stuck to my nose and chin.

12/25/2010: Christmas Day Gifts & Prizes!

Time for gifts, prizes, and deformed confections! Merry Christmas!

12/24/2010: Christmas Eve

Mia cooks lots of good food in CA while Jerry and his mother enjoy “Lights on the Lake” in NY.

12/21/2010: Surprise!

Family and friends surprise Jerry's father on his birthday.

12/20/2010: Jerry Cuts the Cheese!

Jerry and his mother prepare for his father's surprise birthday party by converting a T of Cheese to a Pie of Y! That'll make more sense after you watch the video… maybe.

12/19/2010: Welcome to Liverpool, NY

After three redeye flights, Jerry finally arrives in freezing Liverpool, NY, where he is greeted by his parents.

12/18/2010: Flyaway Jerry

Mia and I drove Jerry to the Flyaway shuttle bus (which goes to LAX). Jerry is going home to Liverpool, NY to visit his family for the holidays. Afterwards, Mia and I went to Target and secretly bought each other gifts.

12/17/2010: Nutcracker Ain't Right

While shopping for clearance Christmas items at Michael's, we came across a very unhappy Nutcracker…

12/16/2010: LGB Holiday Train Setup

I've started to set up my G-Scale trains. This year I've decided to make more of a display than usual. I went to Home Depot and bought some inexpensive insulation foam for the “snow” and tunnel.

12/9/2010: Terrible Wreck in Northridge

Relentless sirens and helicopters circling our neighborhood are a frequent occurrence and one of many reasons we're trying to move. Find out what happened this time.

12/8/2010: Mia Wants to Know Bruno's Secret!

Man, I can't post nothin' without Mia bein' all suspicious! I post one secret video and she wants to see it! What am I going to do between now and Christmas?

12/7/2010: Can You Keep Bruno's Secret?

Despite being poor and a little bit in debt… I still want to get something good for Mia this Christmas. Who can tell me a little about the Nintendo Wii?

12/6/2010: Mia's First Big Mac

Would you believe that Mia never had a Big Mac before? A better title for this video might have been “Mia's Fetish.” Watch to find out what it is! :)

12/2/2010: Alien Spaceship Crash in Burbank!

Mia and I were enjoying a nice day in Burbank, CA, when we were nearly hit by a flying saucer which then crashed right into Fry's Electronics! Would we make something like that up? See for yourself!