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March 8, 2011

Vlog #69: “I Got Mopped!”

I finally went and had my oil changed today. I was supposed to have done that in October. After our recent job I had a tiny bit of spending money, so I decided to splurge on some new oil.

While the oil was being changed, Mia and I walked to McDonald's. After sitting down with our food, a cleaning woman came with a mop and began mopping our feet under the table, and then mopped the area surrounding our table, so there was no way out of our booth without slipping and falling to our deaths! (Okay, maybe I went too far, we didn't die...)

I washed and polished the car once we got home. Tomorrow I have a job as a chauffeur and I want the car to be functioning and looking nice. (It still looks pretty good for being 14 years old!)

Oh, and you remember a couple vlogs ago where our tenant posted on facebook that we "stole" her garlic bread out of the freezer? Today we found it in the trash. She didn't even want the rest of it after all that. After her friends wanted to come over and beat us up because she couldn't tell the difference between air and bread. How do we find these people? :-/