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March 7, 2011

Vlog #68: “Too Many Dogs!”

What's the deal with bad neighbors? Our neighborhood is more like a dog kennel than a place where people live. The dogs outnumber the people. They live outside 24/7 locked in the backyards, and neurotically bark nearly all day and night. More dogs keep coming too. Only one or two homes have just one dog. Most people have two or three. Despite it being against the law to lock your dog up and allow it to bark for hours, each owner is determined to let their dog be a nuisance. We've tried every legal option to deal with the barking issue, but no luck. One home went and got a third dog after learning the barking bothered us. Really, moving is our only option if we want to get away from this.

I want to point out that I was a dog owner for 23 1/2 years, and Jerry's family still has a dog (as seen in previous vlogs). We don't hate dogs. We love animals. We've also cared for fifteen cats since living here. All strays that were abandoned or the feral kittens that they then had. We've brought eight of those cats into our home and have found homes for five of them so far (and continue to foster the remaining three). Our issue is with the people who leave their dogs outside everyday, even in triple digit valley heat, to bark their brains out. The barking is relentless and we endure 15 - 20 hours of barking a day, and have for the past five years. We wake up to it, listen to it all day, and fall asleep to it. If we knew how much time and energy would have been devoted to barking dogs we never would have moved here.

Not only is this our home, it's also our office and studio. This is where we work, meet with clients, film & do voice recording, etc. Barking ruins just about everything. I wish people would take responsibility for the pets they've chosen to have rather than making the good neighbors out to be bad people for wanting some quiet in their own home.

I just read on another channel, someone compared a guy who was also plagued by barking to Hitler, for not wanting to hear it. That is the mentality of these people. It's just sick. People have a right to the quiet enjoyment of their property. Nuisance barking is against the law. It's just noise. It's not accomplishing anything other than annoying people. Try being considerate to people around you instead of pissing them off. Isn't it better to make friends than enemies? I would personally be afraid of angering an unstable neighbor and have him come either harm me or the dog.

Meanwhile, if I were to go outside and make as much noise as one of the dogs, the police would be at my house in no time.