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March 2011

3/22/2011: Hiking with Harley

Who keeps hiding my socks? ...And why isn't this girl wearing any pants?!?

3/20/2011: A Very Rainy Day

We went to Train Shack's Annual Tent Event, but it was rained out. We were so devastated that we decided to drown our sorrows at Sizzler.

3/15/2011: Bad Neighbors Suck!

Our neighbors got a ticket for parking on the sidewalk and needed to take it out on somebody...

3/14/2011: A Long Drive for Pizza

A quick trip to Pizza Hut quickly becomes an adventure.

3/12/2011: Wrong Pants in Hollywood

I got thrown out of an event I was shooting for wearing the wrong pants. I didn't let that stop me from finishing the job though...

3/11/2011: Bruno the Chauffeur Day 3

This was the third and last day of my chauffeur job.

3/10/2011: Bruno the Chauffeur Day 2

Today was my second day being a chauffeur.

3/9/2011: Bruno the Chauffeur Day 1

Today was my first day as a chauffeur.

3/8/2011: I Got Mopped!

Mop lady mops my McFeet while we eat at McDonalds!

3/7/2011: Too Many Dogs!

We don't live in a neighborhood, we live in a dog kennel!

3/6/2011: Cute Little Farm Animals

On the way home from meeting with a new potential client, Mia and I drove by a petting zoo and had to stop to pet the animals!

3/2/2011: Wild West Vlogging

Come join us on our hike in the old west as we follow the mysterious arrows. Where will we end up?

3/1/2011: A Little Back Story

Here's a tiny bit of back story on me and Mia. :)