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March 15, 2011

Vlog #75: “Bad Neighbors Suck!”

Jerry was taking out the trash when he was confronted by a handful of our disgusting neighbors. They've been getting parking tickets for illegally parking on the sidewalk and decided we must have reported them. Their "evidence" is they've lived here for 22 years and never got in trouble for the various laws they break. After we moved in, a few things have been enforced. Well, "enforced." They keep doing these things anyway, but we get to hear about it.

What none of us can wrap are heads around is how these awful neighbors hate us so much. We've never done anything to them, while they make living here very unpleasant for us. They hate the landlord, they hated the people who lived here before us, and they were furious when we moved in because we weren't "a family." They only like families, and this is a "family neighborhood." Oh yeah, this is some family neighborhood we live in!

The neighbors went on to complain that our trees are too tall and our cats are harassing them and causing their dog to bark. (Yes, the dog that supposedly doesn't live there. Which is it?) We explained that our cats have been indoor only cats for six months, but since they've seen cats, they must be ours. It couldn't possibly be all of the other stray cats in the neighborhood, like the two who live directly across the street from them. We've been making our cats indoor only cats since the day they showed up. The idea of there being more than three cats in the entire neighborhood was more than their brains could handle. Stupid people tend to start repeating themselves once they know they've lost, or they leave. There can never be an "oh, if that's true then I apologize."

Just look at how they hate us. We spend all of our time inside working with our headphones on, or we're out. We don't have parties. We don't have loud animals. We're not rude. Nothing we do on our property affects them. They're just miserable and inconsiderate people who think they own the neighborhood.

Note: Jerry filmed the neighbors with his phone and announced he was doing so. They knew they were being filmed. I've been omitting them from the vlogs up until now. I think they've earned a video. They have been a nightmare for almost five years now.