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March 14, 2011

Vlog #74: “A Long Drive for Pizza”

Mia and I were sick of canned beans and decided to go to Pizza Hut. There are still a few sit down restaurants with buffets in California. We took the freeway only to find out that you have to be going in the other direction to exit at our exit. We had to drive for several miles, merge onto another freeway, get off, turn around, and backtrack. We finally made it though!

Typically when Mia and I go out to eat, there is at least one kid (if not many) who cries, yells, and screams throughout our entire meal, even if the restaurant is otherwise empty. When we got to Pizza Hut it was empty. Not too long after we sat down, a family with two kids walked in, and the boy immediately started yelling, whining, and crying. This time something new happened. The dad decided to get the kid to be quiet...