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February 14, 2011

Vlog #61: “Crappy Valentine's Day!”

I apologize in advance for this vlog. My last upload was Feb 7th. I didn't want too much time to go by, but this video is a fair representation of the 8th through the 13th.

Even though there is still so much I haven't said or shown, maybe this video explains a tiny bit why we want to move. (Seems like all the best stuff I can't film or post :-/)

Hopefully other people had a nicer Valentine's Day than we did!

Congratulations to DJ & Sabrina (aka Vlerabrite) for winning a taco dinner on Conan. :)

* I want to add that none of us hate dogs. I was a dog owner for 23 years, and Jerry's parents still own a dog. It's not the animal's fault that they're bored and neglected, it's the owner. I wish I could show the owners. Oh how I wish I could show the owners. Such disgusting people.