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February 5, 2011

Vlog #59: “Mia Hates Fuzzdoodles!”

Tonight we talked to our tenant about a very strong and offensive smell that's been coming from her room since she moved in. She innocently replied that she didn't smell anything. I asked if she was sure, because I was being blasted by the smell as we spoke. It was as if a huge fan was blowing it in my face. This odor can be smelled in every room of the house, and even outside when she has her window open.

I never know how to react in situations like this. Is the person stupid? Or do they think I'm stupid? How do you deny a smell that strong? Our tenant tried to help us locate the smell. Maybe it was this candle that she burned for a few minutes yesterday. I smelled her candle to humor her. No way. C'mon, how naive does she think we are? When people play dumb with me, sometimes I give in early and just say “okay” and walk away to avoid having a fight. I stayed longer than usual this time but still gave up when it was clear she was only getting agitated. If only you could upload a smell to the internet. I wish I could share this, and how strong it is.

Yeah, the dishes in the sink annoy me, but the real problem is this smell, and the tenant not always locking the front door and sometimes leaving her windows open and unlocked (and then leaving the house). She also likes to leave her blender plugged in with the cord under the toaster, which gets very hot. I've told her many times that this is a fire waiting to happen. I unplug and move her blender cord twice a day, every day. We really need her money, but we're thinking about eviction if she can't get her stuff together soon...

We don't dislike her as a person. We don't wish anything bad upon her. As far as having her live with us though, it's not working out.

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